Libby Bonnet | Director and Founder

Libby was a teacher and head mistress for 14 years before meeting Chris Bonnet and founding the Sailing School and sail training with him in 1979.

Libby has well over 40 000 miles at sea, having done an Atlantic crossing in a yacht that Chris and herself built, as well as many other trips. She is firmly at the helm of Offshore Sailing Academy, steering the company forward and on wards with Chris’s legacy in mind.





Werner De Kock | Chief Instructor

Werner has been sailing for the passed eight years, after being introduced in to sailing by Offshore Sailing Academy. After he qualified as a yacht master he did a delivery of a catamaran and his first Atlantic crossing.

Werner gained a lot knowledge and experience whilst working as an instructor for offshore sailing academy for the passed five years. He has in excess of 40000 miles and is really passionate about what he does.