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Mileage Trips

Overview: 80 or 200 NM Passages

Target Audience –

  • For sailing enthusiasts who have a Skipper’s ticket and wish to build their mileage to allow them to progress to the next qualification
  • Prices: Please contact Werner on 073 806 0802 or email
  • Required Experience: 
    Students should have completed Yacht Hand and Yacht Skipper or the equivalent – to get maximum value. However, you may join in with just the Yacht Hand under your belt provided two thirds of the crew have at least their Day Skipper’s ticket, if you want to log miles and night hours.

This option is ideal for Competent Yacht Skippers who like to sail in more challenging conditions and gain mileage and night hours. It will turn you into a truly accomplished Skipper, develop your ability to manage a crew and improve your navigation. Most important: ideal for aspirant SAS Coastal Skipper Exam candidates. (Most will have completed our 9 day practical and theory preparation course to be super confident.)

These trips involve night sailing and will cover preparation for sea-handling under power and sail, pilotage, passage making, the role of the Skipper, how to handle adverse weather conditions and emergency situations, navigation procedures, yacht victualing and watch keeping.

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