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S.P.I.C.E Course


Target Audience –

  • For young adults who have finished school or their tertiary education, and are looking for a qualification and some basic skills to operate as an effective Deck Hand, while working on motor boats or sailing vessels overseas as part of their gap year experience
  • Duration: 11 Days
  • Price: Please contact Werner on 073 806 0802 or email
  • Required Experience: None

A sailing course that is ideal as preparation for your gap year experience and/or as an entry into the Super Yacht industry. 11 days of sail training at Offshore Sailing Academy.

What better way to experience your gap year, than traveling the world from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean?! If you enjoy this lifestyle, as many have, you can turn your gap year into a full time career, earning excellent money and setting yourself up for a great lifestyle.  You get to visit exotic places, meet the rich and famous and earn highly valued foreign currency, while experiencing a unique wonderful lifestyle! Hard work with amazing rewards!!!

Course Curriculum:

The Super Yacht industry is a multi-billion dollar one and there are many jobs available. The S.P.I.C.E course will prepare young people for entry-level (deck hand) work in the industry.

You will cover the following modules including:

  • Day #1 – Day #3: Yacht Hand
    • Introduction to sailing
    • Sailing terminology and manoeuvres
    • Rope work, knots
Day #4 – Day #9: Day Skipper
    • Watch Keeping
    • Log Keeping
    • Cooking aboard a yacht
    • Anchor Watch
    • Heavy weather sailing
    • Navigation
    • Passage planning
Day #10 – Day #11: Deck Hand introduction
    • Social behaviour aboard a yacht and dress code
    • Career guidance
    • Life Skills and Teamwork
    • Work and CV helpful hints
    • Varnishing and Splicing
    • Basic Diesel Engine Maintenance
    • Winch Servicing

Candidates will obtain two certificates:

  • SAS Day Skipper’s Ticket Category C for vessels over 9 metres – for sail and power, inland and offshore, allowing you to operate a recreational vessel up to 100 tonnes or up to 25 metres in length, from sunrise to sunset, less than 15 nautical miles from home port or 25 nautical miles from home port, provided not more than 15 nautical miles from a safe haven.
  • International Certificate of Competence (ICC) – allowing you to charter overseas (*ICC – for SA citizens/residents only)

Additional modules to be completed after SPICE course attendance:

  • Short Range Certificate (SRC radio License from SAMSA) (proof of successful completion necessary to satisfy SAS for issuing of Skipper’s ticket)
  • STCW 2010
  • ENG 1 medical


  • Power Boat (PB2) – in Cape Town
  • Personal Water Craft (PWC) – in Cape Town

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