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My introduction to the rich and famous…

By August 17, 2012September 10th, 2012No Comments

I started my Spice course with Offshore Sailing Academy in October 2005, and I will start by saying it was the best career move I ever made choosing Offshore. With the fantastic instructors and Chris and Libby Bonnet ,and some interesting experiences, the course was over and done in no time! and I had fun every step of the way. I finished my course and chose to head overseas.

With Offshore advising and helping me every step of the way, I headed off to the Caribbean to start my new career. I ended up in Barbados for three months, working as a deckhand/hostess on a small day charter catamaran, having the time of my life.

I then made my way to Antigua to do day work, finding permanent employment after some interesting jobs, on Sir Richard Branson’s luxury Catamaran. So began my amazing charters around the Caribbean, my introduction to the rich and famous, and the best job in the world. It was hard work with long hours but the rewards and the experience were incredible! A decision was made to re-fit the yacht in Australia and we set off on a three month trip which took me to some of the most remote and beautiful places i had ever seen, Galapagos, Bora Bora to name a few. It was an experience of a life time, one that I owe to Offshore.
Do what I did, nothing else compares. Thank you Offshore my dreams became a reality.

Genene F – SPICE course