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Corporate Team Building

Sailing can arguably be called the ultimate team builder. An ever changing business landscape requires decisive action, slick team work and excellent communication. Sailing will show where teams are weak and quickly remedy the situation through real actions. There is nothing artificial about sailing. You MUST work as a team to succeed .
A further benefit to the company is that management learns to cope with stress and rapid change. Sailing boosts bonding and trust, and offers a powerful vehicle for team building, leadership, communication and motivation.

Why Sailing for Team Building?

Decision making and motivating your team are two essential elements which will be put into practice during your stay with Offshore, which will:

  • Bring out individual qualities and build up team dynamics
  • Establish mutual back-up and support improved communication
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Discover how well you work together, setting team roles and team structure
  • Encourage team goal and objectives
  • Create enthusiasm
  • Integrate personalities

It is a known and accepted fact that outdoor activities forge stronger bonds and leadership qualities among people. Out of all these activities, the marine environment offers special advantages. A yacht at sea is a completely isolated social system and people on board cannot escape into their comfort zones – instead they have to face situations as they arise. In this respect the “yacht crew system” can be called a microcosm of society, isolated and greatly intensified. In this manner management strengths can be enhanced, weaknesses addressed and conflicts resolved. The company benefits further,with management learning to cope with stress and rapid change. This background theory supports the fact that sailing offers a powerful vehicle for team building, leadership, communication and motivation.

Satisfied clients include:

  • FNB
  • Barlow World
  • Bruce Fairlie Steel
  • RCI
  • Game
  • Wesbank
  • Castrol SA
  • CBI
  • De Beers Consolidated Mines
  • Eskom
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Anglo American Corp.
  • SA Brewries
  • Telkom
  • Fedics
  • Pick ‘n Pay
  • AMKA Products