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International Crew Placement

We do have yacht owners popping in here looking for delivery crew, and we always put our students forward for any work we hear of. As someone looking for work in the international super yacht industry, it is essential that you sign up with yacht crewing agents overseas. Here are a few that we like:

On certain courses you will have a career talk where you will be given information on many more crew agents, crew accommodation and tips on gaining your first Super Yacht job.

Superyacht Career Overview

Every year hundreds of young people join the glamorous Super Yacht industry. The job offers travel, adventure, low living expenses and excellent remuneration, in return for commitment and hard work. The barrier to entry is low for confident, presentable and hardworking individuals with a professional attitude, as well as good interpersonal and communication skills. It is essential to hold a STCW2010 certificate, and skills gained in areas such as sailing, waitressing, bar-tending, watersports and cooking will add to your credentials.

Here is the story of one of our students in the Super Yacht industry

“I started my Spice course with Offshore Sailing Academy in October 2005, and I will start by saying it was the best career move I ever made choosing Offshore. With the fantastic instructors and Chris and Libby Bonnet ,and some interesting experiences, the course was over and done in no time! and I had fun every step of the way.

I finished my course and chose to head overseas. With Offshore advising and helping me every step of the way, I headed off to the Caribbean to start my new career. I ended up in Barbados for three months, working as a deckhand/hostess on a small day charter catamaran, having the time of my life. I then made my way to Antigua to do day work, finding permanent employment after some interesting jobs, on Sir Richard Branson’s luxury Catamaran.
So began my amazing charters around the Caribbean, my introduction to the rich and famous, and the best job in the world. It was hard work with long hours but the rewards and the experience were incredible! A decision was made to re-fit the yacht in Australia and we set off on a three month trip which took me to some of the most remote and beautiful places I had ever seen, Galapagos, Bora Bora to name a few.

It was an experience of a life time, one that I owe to Offshore. Do what I did, nothing else compares. Thank you Offshore my dreams became a reality. “- Genene F

What is the Super Yacht Industry?

The Super Yacht industry refers to the employment on the super yachts belonging to the super rich, well-known examples being those belonging to Paul Allen (founder of Microsoft) and Sir Richard Branson (one of our students worked on this yacht). Super yachts are also used in the charter industry to take celebrities and socialites to the most glamorous and exotic locations in the world. Super yachts follow a strict seasonal timetable. The Caribbean season runs from October to March, and includes islands such as St Martins, St Barts, and Antigua. From May to September super yachts head for the Mediterranean. Here popular destinations are Antibes in France, Palma de Mallorca in Spain and Monaco.
What would you expect on joining the industry?

You will be working in an exclusive environment rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite in the most exotic locations. Hard work and long hours during trips, and being expected to maintain a professional and positive attitude at all times are more than made up for by the memorable experiences, friendships and good remuneration you will attain. Working as part of a small crew, the ability to get along with others and work in a team is essential, and you will form long lasting bonds and friendships with your fellow crew members. Off duty hours on shore are an opportunity to have fun, explore and let your hair down.